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Privacy Policy

MOONSHOT Co.,Ltd.は、 個人情報保護の重要性に鑑み、「個人情報の保護に関する法律」及び本プライバシーポリシーを遵守し、お客さまのプライバシー保護に努めます。



Privacy Policy

    Purposes of gathering personal information

  • • Provision of our services and announcement of information.
    • Study and development of our service's quality to enhance it.
    • Implementation of campaigns, prizes, etc.
    • Preparation of analysis in order to expand our business and provide better services.
    • Response to requests for disclosure under the personal information protection law, etc.

    Provision to third parties

  • • In the event that the customer fails to pay any charges occured related to our service or product.
    We provide requested information to third parties without contacting the customer in these cases.
  • • Should we required to cooperate with state or local public organizations in order to excute their services, investigations, etc.
    we will cooperate with them, which includes providing personal information.

    Personal Information that we gather

  • • Name, Address, Contact number, Nationality, Date of birth, Email address,
    • Accommodation details, Estimated time of arrival or check-in.
    • Ordered item(s), quantity, dates.

    Passive information collection

  • • When you use our site or service, some information is automatically collected,
    such as your IP address, browser type, the pages you access, the time you spend on each page, etc.
    • We collect those information passively by server logs, cookies, etc. and we sometimes use them in order to analyse and improve our site or service.
    When we associate those information with personal information, we treat the combined information as stated in this privacy policy.


  • • We use commercially reasonable technical safeguards and put as much effort as we can to protect personal information we gather.
    However, please note that this is not a guarantee that those information cannot be accessed by breach of our technical safeguard.
    This is the risk we all take when we use any websites available in this world.

    Links to third party sites

  • • Our site may contain links to external sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices, or the content, of those sites.

    Change to Privacy Policy

  • • We will review and possibly edit this privacy policy every now and then in accordance with the potential changes to our business and as required by law.
    We reserve the right to do so at any time.

Member Agreement


    1st Article (Member)

  • 1. The "member" refers to the individual who makes an application of admission according to the procedure which our company defines after agreeing with this agreement.
  • 2. "Member information" means the information about a member's attribute which the member indicated to our company, and information, including the history about a member's dealings, etc.
  • 3. This agreement is agreement which is applied to all the members and you protect after the time of a registration process, and registration.

    2nd Article (Registration)

  • 1. Membership Qualification
  • After agreeing with this agreement, the visitor as whom it acted the predetermined admission application has qualification as a member after predetermined registration process completion. The person himself/herself who becomes a member needs to perform the member registration process. No registration by a substitute is accepted. In addition, it may refuse the member application from the direction which our company judged not to be suitable in addition to this direction membership qualification was canceled in the past.
  • 2. Input of Member Information
  • Please read the cautions on an input well in the case of a member registration process, and input necessary information into predetermined input form correctly.
  • 3. Management of Password
  • (1) a password -- a member -- only the person himself/herself shall use, and it shall not transfer and lend at a third party
  • (2) a member, such as changing a password periodically so that it may not be known by others, -- the person himself/herself needs to manage with responsibility.
  • (3) the declaration of intention performed to our company using the password -- a member -- all the payments that regard it as declaration of intention of the person himself/herself, therefore arise serve as a member's responsibility.

    3rd Article (Change)

  • 1. A member shall contact us promptly, when there is change to the matter notice on was submitted to our company, such as a name and an address.
  • 2. About the damage which arose by not having made alteration registration, our company does not do any responsibility now [ negative ]. Moreover, please keep in mind that the dealings into which procedure was already made before alteration registration are conducted based on the information before alteration registration even when alteration registration is made.

    4th Article (Withdrawal from the Membership)

  • the case where a member wishes to secede from a society -- a member -- the person himself/herself needs to perform withdrawal-from-the-membership procedure. After the end of a predetermined withdrawal-from-the-membership procedure, it is seceded from a society.

    5th Article (Loss and Compensatory Duty of Membership Qualification)

  • 1. When a member notifies a falsehood on the occasion of a membership qualification acquisition application and the price notes and accounts payable by mail order are neglected, and when [ other ] there is a reason which our company accepts is unsuitable as a member, our company decides that membership qualification can be canceled.
  • 2. When a member does the act provided in each following number, take the responsibility of compensating the damage which our company covered by this.
  • (1) Use a membership number and a password unjustly.
  • (2) doing the act which infringes on the intellectual property rights of the goods which blocking-by accessing this homepage, altering information or transmitting computer program harmful to this homepage-business of our company (3) our company treats -- (4), doing the act contrary to these terms of service in addition to this.

    6th Article (Handling of Member Information)

  • 1. Our company does not disclose member information to a third party without a member's prior consent in principle. However, in the case of each of following numbers, there shall be no prior consent of a member, and our company shall disclose other member information and visitor information.
  • (1) When it is able to ask for an indication based on a statute
  • (2) When our company judges that it is required in order to protect the right of our company, profits, honor, etc.
  • 2. About member information, our company manages according to "the measure for private information proctection" of our company. the purpose that our company aims at the service provision to a member, improvement in service contents, the promotion of utilization of service, and reservation of healthy and smooth management of service for member information sake -- our おい -- it shall use
  • 3. Our company shall perform information dissemination (an advertisement is included) by the mail magazine and the other methods to a member. Information dissemination will be suspended, if that is notified and got in accordance with the method predetermined [ our ] when a member does not wish information dissemination. However, about information dissemination required for this service management, it cannot stop by a member's hope.

    7th Article (Prohibited Matter)

  • It forbids performing the act of each of following numbers to a member when using this service.
  • 1. Break Attention on Statute or this Agreement, and this Service Use, Attention on Shopping in this Service, Other Book Agreement, Etc.
  • 2. Spoil Right of Our Company and Other Third Parties, Profits, Honor, Etc.
  • 3. Perform Act with a Possibility of Having Bad Influence on Youth's Mind and Body, and Other Acts contrary to Good Public Order and Customs.
  • 4. Perform Act Which Becomes Troublesome to Other User and Other Third Parties, and Act in which Displeasure is Made to Cherish.
  • 5. Input False Information.
  • 6. Transmit or Write in Harmful Computer Program, Mail, Etc.
  • 7. Access Server and Other Computers of Our Company Unjustly.
  • 8. Use [ Lending and Transferring Password at Third Party, or ] with Third Party in Common.
  • 9. Judge that Other Our Company is Unsuitable.

    8th Article (Discontinuation, Stop, Etc. of Service)

  • 1. In order to keep the operation state of this service good, our company may stop all offers or a part of this service without a preliminary announcement, when it corresponds to 1 of each of following numbers.
  • (1) When required because of the scheduled maintenance of a system, and emergency maintenance
  • (2) When load concentrates on a system
  • (3) the case where employment of a system becomes difficult by the interference by the fire, a power failure, and a third party, etc. -- (4) -- the case where necessity and our company judge unavoidably in addition to this in a stop of a system

    9th Article (Change and Abolition of Service)

  • By the judgment, our company shall not have a prior notice, and shall change and abolish all or a part of services suitably.

    10th Article (Exemption from Responsibility)

  • 1. Our company shall not take any responsibility about the damage which arose by disappearance of discontinuation, delay, a stop, and data of the system by the obstacle of a communication line, a computer, etc., and unlawful access to data, and the other damage which arose to the member about our services.
  • 2. Our company does not guarantee that harmful things, such as computer virus, are not contained in the e-mail contents sent from the web page server domain of our company, etc.
  • 3. About the damage which arose when the member broke this agreement, our company does not do any responsibility now [ negative ].

    11th Article (Amendment of this Agreement)

  • Our company can define the agreement (henceforth "supplement agreement") which shall reform this agreement arbitrarily and fills up this agreement in our company. Amendment or supplement of this agreement shall produce the effect, when this agreement or supplement agreement after amendment is put up for a site predetermined [ our ]. In this case, a member does as the thing according to the agreement after amendment, and supplement agreement.

    12th Article (Applicable Law, Competent Court)

  • When dispute arises about this agreement, let the District Court which has jurisdiction over our home city be the agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial under exclusive contract.